What to expect

The Reading

We will sit at the table and we’ll talk about what you might be wanting to explore.

This can be something very specific, or something more general. We might already have chosen a particular Spread to use (see Example Readings), or else I’ll have something prepared.

While we talk, I will shuffle the cards, then I’ll ask you to do the same. When we’re ready, I’ll start laying the cards – we will usually discuss these one or two at a time as the reading unfolds, until the Spread is complete. I’ll ask you questions along the way – there are no right or wrong answers! It’s about what the images suggest to you; and together we interpret the connections.

I’ll then give you an overview or re-cap of the whole reading, teasing out any last threads you might want to pay particular attention to. Sometimes I’ll suggest we pull a single Oracle card as a ‘final thought’.

After the reading, we’ll take a few minutes to close the session.

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I read from a dedicated work-space in my home, in the woods on the North edge of Fife. If you’re comfortable and able, I’m happy to welcome you here. Sometimes having a change from your usual environment can be beneficial for an experience like this. It’s not easily accessed by public transport, so a car or lift would be required; or I can collect you from a train or bus connection nearby (details at time of booking).

From time to time I will also be having residential days at special venues, where you can book a session – look out for these, or feel free to get in touch to enquire.

I prefer to work in person, so I don’t currently offer readings by phone or online.

When you arrive

You can arrive about 10 minutes before your session; as this allows time to settle in and have a chat. I’ll offer you tea or water, which will be available in the reading room. I like to use candles and essential oils (in a burner) in the room – not only does it make the experience feel ‘special’, but I find it really helps clear and focus our minds. Let me know if you prefer to avoid essential oils.

Bring anything you would like to support you – a photo or memento, a lucky charm, your own essential oils or stones. Bring a notebook if you’d like to take notes – though I prefer that you only write notes after the reading, so that your mind stays present while the reading is taking place. You're welcome to record your reading by audio or photo.


Tarot can be deeply insightful, inspiring, sometimes challenging. As with any exploratory experience, hopefully it will open doors. I will always seek to ensure that you are comfortable for that to happen, although ultimately, I will be inviting you to monitor your own comfort and communicate that with me as we go along.

A single reading is just that – each one is different, so I would never ‘prescribe’ a course of readings ahead of time. However, multiple readings can certainly be valuable – and really interesting for tracking progress and small changes over time. If you wish to come back at any time, you’re welcome – and we can discuss how to structure that.

Tarot can work alongside other forms of guidance you may be receiving; however, it is never a substitute for seeking medical, legal, psychotherapeutic or emergency support if that’s what you really need. If you’re coming to me I will assume you are making a responsible choice for yourself – I may ask questions before we embark on a reading, and under certain circumstances may redirect you if I feel you would be better served by a different route.

Anything discussed during a reading is confidential and free from personal judgement. I will never share any of your details with any third party, unless I have strong reason to believe harm may come to you or others.


Tarot Circo is based around principles of charitable giving and crowd-funding for creative projects. Please see Circulation for how it all works.