Tarot + Essential Oils:

This is a Tarot experience I’ve designed, combining Tarot and natural perfumery with Essential Oils. I've assigned a range of Essential Oils to correspond to the cards – linking them together through research, my knowledge of both the card meanings and the Oils, and a dash of intuition.

After your standard 1-hr reading, I prepare an Essential Oil scent-blend that encapsulates the core messages and themes that came through. You can choose to have this in a 5ml oil blend, or a 5ml water spray.

It’s a wonderful addition to a reading, to have this scent to use as a reminder of the message it carries.

I have designed two Spreads, especially for the process:

THE PERFUMER'S TAROT - mimics the layers of ‘notes’ in a fragrance composition, which is good for exploring layers and connections.

THE ALCHEMIST'S TAROT - takes a different shape, and is good for exploring messages rising through stages and processes.

I will always choose the best Spread to use for whatever we may have discussed beforehand – so it doesn’t have to be either of these. You can have a blend made for your reading no matter which Spread we’ve used – just let me know ahead of time if this is something you’d like.

1-hour reading + scent preparation + 5ml scent blend: £60