Standard In-Depth 1-hour reading

‘Spread’ is the word used for the shape the cards make when placed in a particular layout. The shape of a Spread might be useful for exploring a particular theme – for example, an arrow if we’re looking for clarity and motivation; or a bridge if we’re exploring the idea of passage. I have several Spreads that I like to use for various purposes, many that I’ve designed myself, which I’ll choose from to suit your reading.

In-depth Readings

Partly due to my location, I currently only offer ‘long’ readings – these are larger-sized Spreads that I allow an hour to explore. This gives us plenty time and scope to get into the reading. I also allow a little time either side of the reading for settling in and closing – therefore, a ‘1-hour’ session may actually last 1 hour and 15-20 minutes. Timings will be understood when we make your booking, so your mind is free from any distractions about transport or other commitments.

STANDARD In-depth 1-hour reading: £45

I have also designed a range of other 'novelty' Spreads, using particular decks (see 'Alice in Wonderland' and 'Twin Peaks Tarot' in the drop-down menu). These are great for a fun and unusual experience, or to give as a gift. For the Standard In-depth readings I use my Rider-Waite-Smith deck, and it's best to go for this if you have something in particular you want to address in close detail, without any added frills...