a circle ... a seed ... a story

Holistic, intuitive, in-depth Tarot readings in the woods of North Fife, Scotland.

Embodying principles of connection, empathy, inclusivity, sustainability and collaboration;

holding the supportive symbol of the circle or cycle as a guide.

Everything is connected: in nature, all beings and entities; cycles of time and change;

the circulation of our bodies, our hearts. In story, mythology, in Tarot – archetypal images animate the circle.

Like the Major Arcana of Tarot itself – we don’t just stop when we reach the full circle of The World card

(the ‘final’ stage in the 22-card cycle). We go forwards and we go back, we repeat ourselves,

we make mistakes, we get stuck sometimes until we find movement again.

We go round and round, we bump up against each other; nothing stays still.

The circle itself holds a space of stillness – for respite, perspective, connection and understanding;

to rediscover supportive movement and ease.

And of course, Tarot Circo contains something of the circus (which itself means ring).

Welcoming a playful and curious spirit; entering a space that allows us to step outside

our day-to-day responsibilities and roles; where identity and perception are malleable,

a place where magic can happen.

To have open minds and hearts;

to take some of that magic back with us into all areas of our lives –

and to start seeing it in everything.