a circle ... a seed ... a story

Holistic, intuitive, in-depth tarot readings.

Tarot Circo embodies principles of connection, compassion, equality, sustainability and collaboration;

holding the supportive symbol of the circle as a guide.

Everything is connected: in nature, all forms of life; cycles of time and change;

the circulation of our bodies, our hearts. In story, mythology, in tarot and in each of us – the archetypes animate the circle.

The circle also holds a space of stillness – for respite, perspective, re/connection and understanding.

And of course, Tarot Circo contains something of the circus (which itself means ring).

Welcoming a playful and curious spirit; entering a space that allows us to step outside

our day-to-day responsibilities and roles; where identity and perception are malleable,

a place where magic can happen.

To have open minds and hearts;

to take some of that magic back with us into all areas of our lives –

to start seeing it in everything and in each other.