It's an energy exchange... For the Tarot Circo experiences that I currently offer, I ask:

Here’s the fun part…

£10 of what you give will always go to a charity.

When you pay for your Reading (online or cash in person) this amount will be minus your £10 donation (therefore, £35 / £50 / £40 depending on what we've arranged). Then it's over to you to follow the links provided and make your donation (more than £10 if you wish!). A choice of charities and links to donate are listed on this page, and will change from time to time.

And there's more...

The remainder will always go into a pot for making creative work – like crowd-funding. When the pot reaches a certain amount, I will put on an event, create a performance or produce a creative object that I have been working on.

Step 1

Contact me first, to discuss what you'd like to explore, and we'll start to make arrangements.

Step 2

Choose how to pay for your Reading :

online by bank transfer or Paypal

(I'll give you those details),

or in cash in person.

Step 3

Add on your £10 charity donation by choosing one of the links shown on this page!

Pay it forward!

Choose one of these charities and give your £10 (or more!) here:

Prison-based rescue dog training programme, now working with a range of groups. Promoting positive interaction between people and animals.

The UK’s leading charity for the protection of our seas, shores and wildlife.

Scotland's national independent refugee charity. Providing vital support and assistance to refugees in Scotland.

You might be interested in the creative work I make through Tarot Circo – and you might not!

You don’t have to behaving a Reading is your own experience, in and of itself.

If you do want to see what I’m able to make as a result of Tarot Circo, then great!

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