Tarot Circo just wouldn't be complete without a Circus-themed reading - so here it is...

An in-depth 1-hour reading that draws inspiration from old-timey Circus acts, characters and imagery (giving a hard pass to exploitation and animal abuse)... we're here for The Show.

Have you noticed how many phrases we use, that come from the Circus? It's a bit of a juggling act... Too many plates spinning... Flying without a safety net... Not my circus, not my monkeys...

The Big Top Tarot spread is great for exploring the masks we wear and the roles we play - and of those around us. What are your sources of strength, flexibility, ingenuity and bravery? When is something worth the risk (or not)? What's distracting you from your true purpose - or how are you distracting yourself? How can you find balance? What's real and what's an illusion?

It's a great spread for when things feel a bit chaotic and surreal, like events are flying out of your control. Here we can explore your role in what's going on around you - as a Performer in your own story, not a passive spectator... as well as making sense of the energies and influences around you.

Or maybe you're looking for some creative inspiration, change, or light relief in your life - you've come to the right place! Tarot can be all of these things... all of the 'novelty' Spreads that I've designed are capable of giving strong, clear and insightful readings - I wouldn't do it if they didn't! Just because it can be fun, doesn't mean it's fluffy...

For Big Top Tarot , I like to use the extraordinary Tarot of the Zirkus Magi deck, created by Doug Thornsjo / Duck Soup Productions - which is based on the traditional Rider Waite Smith card meanings (so you'll still get a good, clear reading), but with a unique Circus-y slant and amazing artwork.

Your Big Top Tarot reading is served with lemonade and popcorn (because why not).