About Tarot

The fact that you’re here suggests you’re already curious, so I’ll spare you the history lesson…

Rather, here is my outlook on the way Tarot functions, and why for me it’s an endlessly fascinating, playful and powerful tool.

First off, Tarot isn’t fortune-telling. The cards aren’t imbued with an objective ability to predict the future, and neither am I – I’m not ‘psychic’.

Tarot engages our intuition and guides our attention.

It by-passes our well-trodden routes of behaviour and our tightly-held beliefs about ourselves – clearing the way for something altogether more authentic to come through.

Tarot is a creative process. We are all creative, intuitive beings – it’s the (artificial) structures around us that work so hard to convince us otherwise. The 78 cards act like mirrors, drawing out images from within: some are deeply held, while others might be nearer the surface. Images of the ways we see ourselves, the ways we relate to others, how we engage with the world, how we respond when things happen; what we might do to gain insight, affect change and deepen our experiences. It's a tool for Storytelling – exploring all of our Stories, inviting us to consider what we'd like to happen next...

Tarot is an active and empowering process – your willingness is key, we all have a role to play.

It would be pointless to read for someone who didn’t want it! When you need it and let it, Tarot will guide you, ground you, challenge you; it will offer routes to clarity, resolution, inspiration or transformation. And much more beyond.

Tarot is a powerful tool for self-development precisely because the future is not predetermined.

If you’re reading this, there might be something you already want to explore: a roadblock you keep coming up against, or an unhelpful cycle you can see repeating in your life. Tarot is great for unpicking those things – examining where they come from, how they manifest, and what you can do to understand or alter how things are going.

Tarot is also a great way to have a general check-in, even if there might not be something specific on your mind. Looking at your work, relationships, goals… how things are connecting, or if you wish they could be more connected. Tarot can help identify areas for consideration or ‘improvement’ along the way.

It probably won’t offer quick fixes or easy answers (though sometimes…!) – rather, Tarot draws out and strengthens your own ability to make connections between what you see, ‘know’, feel and experience.

For more details on what your Tarot experience will entail, please visit - What to Expect.