Tarot Circo - Rebecca Sharp

My core practice is as a writer (plays, poetry, prose), which I’ve been doing professionally for nearly 20 years. My work has always expanded into various forms ‘off the page’ – in theatre, visual projects, performance or sound. I often work collaboratively – I’m privileged to work with a wide range of other writers, artists, musicians, composers, directors and performers; educators and facilitators; creative, cultural, environmental and community organisations.

I regularly run creative projects and workshops, which I find enormously enriching to my overall practice. Consistent throughout all my work is a desire to share, communicate and connect; to be curious, and to create experiences of magic and wonder. If you’d like to find about more about my other work, it’s all here: www.rebeccajoysharp.com

I first explored Tarot as a teenager (as many of us do…), but only returned to it in earnest in my early 30s. The sense of connection was instant, like opening a door that had been closed and quietly waiting. I wanted to learn everything I could. Soon, I couldn’t remember a time without it. I studied, attended workshops and shared experiences with others as often as possible.

Moving to Fife in 2014, I connected with Pauline Hynd – Polka Dot Dakini Urban Tarot. Based in nearby Angus, Pauline is a multi-faceted Tarot reader, trainer and more. Not all Tarot readers share the same approach, but it was immediately clear that Pauline and I were on the same page. I had readings with Pauline, attended her workshops and completed her in-depth course The Modern Tarot Apprentice levels 1 and 2. All of this gave me the confidence to take my practice to the next level.

I was reading mostly for myself, then for friends and finally for people I didn’t know. I felt I wanted Tarot to have a place somewhere in my professional practice, but wanted to understand why, and what I would be offering. I waited and listened; gradually accumulated many hours of readings, refining my process to the point where I was confident in what I could provide. I realised I wanted Tarot Circo to connect back into my 'other' work somehow, while also feeding forward – which is why I've chosen to operate it on the basis of charitable giving and to fund creative projects.

With my background and ongoing practice as a writer and artist, I offer a process that is infused with creative spirit – intuitive, inquisitive, challenging, collaborative, inspiring and transformative.